The future-oriented and AI-based information platform for destinations.

Why not give personalized answers to individual guest questions?

The smart thinking information platform

With Destibot, the focus is not on technology, but on the needs of your users. Language, content and form automatically adapt to their wishes and habits. Fast, precise and understandable.

Der Destibot ist bereits im Einsatz!

The Destibot can do a thing.

Get to know the advantages of the smart destination platform


Live & archive data

Destibot is more flexible

  • The teaching of the data is done via a CMS or with the data of the existing headless CMS

  • Multiple data sources can be combined

  • Responses include a semantically correct combination of personal live data and general context-optimized data

  • With interfaces to current weather, occupancy and timetable data, guests reach their destination even faster


Destibot is more precise

  • Using industry-leading large language models such as ChatGPT, Destibot "understands" requests even more accurately

  • Destibot speaks several languages and can change the language within a dialog

  • Completely illogical answers are practically impossible

  • Users can request human support within the dialog (human switch)

Event-based actions

Destibot is more versatile

  • Reservations can be made and confirmed directly from the dialog (via other interfaces)

  • With verification, individual data such as purchased tickets, etc. can also be accessed

  • Real-time payment via Destibot is possible from Release 2 (e.g. ticket purchase)


Destibot is universal

  • The CodaCore can be connected to many different data sources (also those with authentication)

  • The CodaCore can be used universally in various use cases.

  • All message services with interfaces can be integrated.

You have questions?

We have the answers.😉

Is Destibot a chatbot?

At first glance: Yes. Destibot heralds the next generation of chatbots and is a smart information platform that uses large language models to provide information from different sources across multiple channels according to need. Functioning as a chatbot is just one of them. Although a powerful one :)

What can Destibot do more than ChatGPT?

A so-called LLM (Large Language Model) like ChatGPT is the basis of the linguistic and content output of the data, but not the core of Destibot. By logically combining existing open data and personal data sources, Destibot is able to provide much more accurate and, above all, true answers to questions about your destination and your offers. And this in real time.

How long will it take before I can use Destibot?

This depends on the size of the destination and the complexity like the function of confirmed bookings, etc. on it. More specific: For a medium-sized ski resort, we calculate about 4 weeks, for a destination with several connected ski resorts about 4 to 6 months.

Which channels can Destibot communicate on?

Currently via messengers like WhatsApp or Telegram, via an integration in the website as well as via apps or an own PWA (Progressive Web Application). Voice will also be possible soon, we love the challenge.😉

Can I use Destibot from anywhere?


(Except maybe in Italy at the moment: But we are working on it, after all we can change the basic LLM at any time)

How much does Destibot cost?

This also depends on the size of the destination and the complexity of the confirmed bookings, etc.

Just ask us directly:

Do I have to teach the data or do you do that?

Ideally, we will build the base and teach you so that you can then continue to optimize Destibot.

Is Destibot multilingual?

Yes. By nature😉

Ready for a demo?

We will be happy to come by and show you what the Destibot can do without obligation